From the recording Hashtag Black Love

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Her dreamy eyes drew me closer, sat next to her.
She leaned on my heavily.
The night was surely heavenly.
She looked at me as only she could.
Felt her vibe deeply.
It was night but my body like a morning wood.

Kissin' her hand, then lips, reachin' around her little waist tenderly; affectionately.

Soft giggles, approval to continue.
Private waiter, sensual menu.
Horny visions, mind and body all up in you.
Yes, raw balls to baby; eternal winner.
Season was surely summer, not winter.

She stood and danced me into a trance.
Dancin' with her, could not resist her movin her hips,
me bitin' my lips.

Our souls left our bodies, overtook each other
don't need another lover; under bed covers.
hashtag Black love hovered over us, like a horny hummingbird
lookin' for it's flower.
Hashtag Black Love even at the door of the shock of the hour.

I had to go to work early, but I could not sleep for the joy I felt.
I knelt at her door at no return.
Wet tongue lickin' her wetness in heavenly places.
Time seemed to halt itself, it took a look inside our private spaces.

My mind raced, with each stroke of my dick inside her lips.
Grabbin' each others ass, tight grip, like the song Brown Skin,
that I'm strokin' in.

So damn high, brain fried like an 80's crackhead; beatin' walls like
my bed head board.  No hell in that space of time.
It scares adversaries to see Hashtag Black Love like this.
They don't want it to exist, but I resist with every ebony kiss.
Shaman fuckin' my witch, not my bitch, but she is a bad one.

She's that one, yes that witch.
Sex lit like our love ritual candles.

Our bodies dark sensual shadows on bedroom walls against
fires flickering with our hearts.
Ancestral souls blushed watchin' me savagely doggystyle her
fine ass apart.  
Old souls caught another conjured body; physical restart.

Hashtag "Black" Love