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  1. Black Nerdy Kid


Black Nerdy Kid

Verse 1
I was one of the Black Nerdy Kids
Somthing of a loner, but not alone just introverted

In High School females did not fuck with niggas like me.
I didn't fit in with the cool kids, few friends, end up fittin in with those who didn't fit in.

Verse 2
Cool Niggas, Didn't fuck with me, until they needed some poetry.
Me writing, poetic bank, for the homie, words to a girl, who would fuck with him, never me.
not seriously, I wish he was like you, but you don't like me,......like that,

oh you just more like a brother, friendzone me stuck, always talking, never touched, never fucked, but just maybe, I wanted to sing the song Half Crazy.

Nice ones always finish last, too damn shy to ask for the ass, Still she's the object my wet day dreamin, from my window, my bitch became my Nintendo.

Verse 3
Duck huntin, playin, cheatin, killin ducks, pointed gun, barrel on TV screen. Today such a game needlessly obsene.
Shy and awkward, low esteem for the incel teen.

Hip Hop became my vicarious life, learning to play what the cool kids liked and a refuge from my mammas crack pipe.

Verse 4
DJ Bartran, at their parties.. Social skills not hardly, in the tribe anyway, because I knew what to play. My afterparty was with my Playstation, my new bitch, touching hard buttons instead of hard nippled tits, wet hand not wet walls on my dick, thick chick VCR porn flick.

Cool girls ignorin us, foreign girls curious, we fuck they furious, as if I did not chase them, try to date them, never hate them....never did. Another saw a God in a Nerdy kid. You didn't ..............croc tears.

Verse 5
I went from a lame to being shamed by the same who wouldn't give me number or name, but to a nigga who spit good game?

Not mad at you, just kept it moving, bustin my ass, my life improvin. you at the reunion, hey how you doin, I was polite, high vibes, but not stayin me passin by.

She said I was always the nice guy. Me said thank you, but didn't think twice. I know today I am nice nice.... still nerdy, ya heard me, wouldn't change it to impress no fuckin' body....for what? don't give fuck....about them and began to love myself....as I am.....that I am.....God.....damn.