What is Bartranized Music?

Welcome to the Website of  Artist Bartran Neely. I have named my creative manifestation "Bartranized" Music and Poetry.

Hip Hop, Tribal, Lofi, House, Rap and Spoken Word are all vibes that I love, so parts of each, is what inspires me.

This ain't meant to be mainstream. It's meant to vibe with souls whom are tired of hearing the same thing in different packages. They want to hear stories. They want to not always hear about killing someone, wantonly. They ain't in the clubs.  They are working out in the gym. They are grinding and working.  They are loving. They are crying. They like to laugh.  They are independent thinkers.  They are not bound to political or social narratives. They are nerds, that garbage man,  or bus driver.

These are whom I envision when I make my music and write my bars. Please join me in my journey to bring some of those things to light and life for the souls whom vibe with them can hear and see themselves or as I like to say one of the "Bartranized Tribe".

Bartran Neely  E-Mail - bartranizetheworld@gmail.com 

Website - https://bartranizetheworld.com