What is Bartranized Music?

Bartranized Music is my manifestation of Alternative Hip Hop Music.  The sounds and vibe I use is mostly laid back and molded from the sounds of Chicago in the mid 80's and 90's, blended with some of today's sounds that I like as well.

As you listen, you will immediately notice that I do not follow any rules, in my music or my writing.  This ain't mainstream music.  I don't want it to be and the people who will vibe to this ain't looking for "mainstream" music.  

The music and writing will be somewhat structured, but sometimes it won't.  It depends on how I'm feeling.  A creative should never feel like their expression is put in a box of rules, that don't exist.  

That is what a creative should want, which is to create, to push the culture, add to it and even to redefine it. 



E-Mail - bartranizetheworld@bartranizetheworld.com

Website - https://bartranizetheworld.com